Heroes Season 5 “Brave New World”

Published: 29th April 2010
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NBC's Heroes have now moved through several volumes, chapters and seasons in their lives as Monday night saw the finale of the Heroes Redemption saga. The most current season of Heroes featured an earth-moving villain named Samuel and his band of carnival followers, many of who had special abilities. Samuel also recruited some of the Heroes we've all come to know and love including Claire, Hiro, Matt Parkman and Sylar. At the end of tonight's show, fans were introduced to what's to come, Heroes Season 5, "Heroes Brave New World".

This past season "Heroes Redemption" may have been a letdown for many fans who were on board since Season 1. Its plot revolved around a carnival run by Samuel, who was looking to redeem himself after some bad acts. However, he continually was doing evil and manipulating others for his personal benefits.

What made the first season so compelling as a drama/sci-fi/fantasy show was its excellent buildup of tension leading to clashes between the various characters. Its season finale was a letdown for many people and probably spelled impending doom for the seasons to come. Season two was hurt badly by a SAG writer's strike, causing it to end abruptly. From there, they launched into stories which offered quick-moving plots and less character development. Then, the ratings started to fall like the ground into a sinkhole by villain Samuel. Hopefully the upcoming new volume will give fans some Heroes redemption.

Heroes season 5, will be called "Heroes Brave New World" and looks to be the coming out party for our heroes. Claire's healing power has now been revealed to the world, so it's assumed that many other abilities will be displayed to the public. There's already speculation starting up as to which characters will live and die in Season 5 of Heroes, with many thinking that mind-reader and controller, Matt Parkman, may be on the way out soon. Another interesting aspect is the introduction of Sylar as a good guy, which seems to be quite the deviation from his traditional evil character many fans have come to love.

What are your thoughts on the Heroes season finale and upcoming new installment for Heroes Season 5?

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